Everything started for Piverto a few years ago when I wanted to start growing marijuana. Nothing was as easy as it is for our customers. I had to do it in secret because it wasn't legal yet. I also quickly realized how hard it was to get equipped with the proper equipment to make a great harvest without the support and guidance needed. So I had no choice but to develop my expertise over the years.

But when it really started for me is when I heard home growing was going to be legalized in concert with cannabis in Canada. I immediately knew that no one should have to live the experience of growing weed as I did. Since then, I dedicated myself providing Canadians with products and weed growing expertise, making their cannabis culture journey as easy and enjoyable as possible. How? Only by guaranteeing results that can’t be matched on the market, of which they are the only craftsmen.

We are proud to offer all growers from our country a Canadian brand for their needs and we will be there to support and make sure you get to the results expected.