Why using LED lights for personal cannabis indoor growing?

Any type of plant that isn’t growing in a natural environment will face a big challenge: compensating the lack of natural light for its photosynthesis. A good LED light for indoor cannabis culture will help the plant during its entire growth cycle through all its growing stage. This artificial light will replace the sunlight and will allow an optimal cannabis growth by its leaves via photosynthesis. The light cycle is also super easy to control by plugging the light to a timer. You can then have full control of the growth and flowering stages and decide when switching stages of your cannabis plant according to your available space.

LED light Spectrum for growth and flowering stages

Now you understand that an ordinary light couldn’t provide everything that an indoor growing light would provide to your cannabis plants. There are different growing light technologies on the market designed for different growth stages known as HPS and LPS. One of the major difference between these technologies and LED is that you would need to use 2 different light bulbs for your vegetative and flowering stage. LED-Light-Cannabis-Indoor-Growing-Piverto
The reason behind this is the light spectrum. These 2 growth stages have different needs of the light color spectrum. LED grow lights combines all the spectrum needed for both stages so you don’t need to buy 2 different lights. All you need to do is change the cycle and your plant will change stage and use the spectrum it needs. Both our Apollo and Pioneer LED growing light series are providing full spectrum lighting for the entire growth and flowering cycle. Another big downside for these technologies when it comes to growing in a small environment is that they create a lot of heat which force must growers in buying more supply like extra exhaust fan to evacuate the heat.
«Other technologies can be interesting options for bigger installations but LED is the best technology for a personal smaller growing system»

LED growing lights energy consumption

It is important to know the energy consumption of your indoor growing LED light. Improved LED technology results in a superior light output which is reducing the heat and drop off the level of energy consumption. In addition, all Piverto's LED grow lights contains a cooling fan and customized heat dissipation design to minimize heated output. This ensures that your plants will receive full light coverage without the risk of overheating which could compromise plant growth potential or even burn it.

LED growing lights lifetime

On the market, the average lifetime of LED light will be approximately 20,000 to 30,000 hours of use. As Piverto's LED light are especially design with an improved metal case technology, which reduces the heat emitted by the chips, the light lifetime is extended to approximately 50,000 hours.

LED growing light is the most effective solution for small indoor cannabis culture environment. This type of lights is easy to use and produce only a little bit of heat. LED growing light technology is known for its low energy consumption and incredible lifetime, giving you full control over your indoor culture. Stability and efficiency of our LED growing light series play a huge part of the game to ensure consistent results, bigger yields, and much faster crops.

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