Why light cycle is critical for indoor cannabis cultivation

All living plants on Earth need light to make photosynthesis possible. This plant process uses light to transform water and CO2 from ambient air into sugars or organic matter. Domestic cannabis cultivation is no exception and it is for this reason that the light cycle is essential to guide the different life stage of the cannabis plant when growing indoors.

The 2 different light cycle: 18/6 and 12/12

vegetative-light-cycle-cannabis-indoor-growingDuring cannabis indoor cultivation, even though a lot of people try different experiences, there are only two necessary light cycles from seed to harvest. For the vegetative stage light cycle, a ratio of 18/6 must be used. This means that the plant must receive 18 hours of light for 6 hours of darkness during a 24 hour day. Like any living organism, cannabis needs rest and it's during this 6 hours of darkness that the plant regenerates in different ways. It's essential that the light/dark cycle stays the same every day and doesn't change until the following cycle.

light-cycle-cannabis-indoor-growing-floweringThe second light cycle used during the indoor cannabis cultivation is that of flowering and is a 12/12 ratio. This time, it's composed of 12 hours of light for 12 hours of darkness. It's when you program your light for this cycle of luminosity that you stress and impose your cannabis plant to switch to flowering stage. The plant reacts to this change by the abundant production of leaves and buds because you are simulating a season change and your plant react as if fall is on its way. The stress imposed on the plant with these prolonged periods of darkness will then trigger the cannabis hormones that produce flowers. It is super important not to allow any light in the growing tent during the 12 darkness hours. This would have a destabilizing effect on the cannabis hormones and could result in a light yield production. 

Switching light cycles of your cannabis indoor cultivation

Do not be surprised if your plants don't flower instantly when switching light cycle to flowering. The flowering period varies according to the cannabis strains cultivated, but in all cases, the cannabis plant tends to double or even triple during this stage. So you need to have a good understanding of your growing room when growing indoors. You need to time your light cycle switch so your cannabis plant can still grow big enough without missing room for it to flourish (buds) to its full capacity.

The two light cycles are essential for the success of cannabis cultivation. Indoor cannabis is no exception and Piverto's Indoor Growing Cannabis Kit are the perfect turnkey systems for anyone who wants to create the perfect indoor environment for their cannabis cultivation projects.

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