Top 5 easiest cannabis strains for indoor cultivation

Did you know many cannabis strains can facilitate your indoor cannabis crop success?

If you're new to cannabis and don’t know what strains to start your first crop with, there's no one better than us to understand how intimidating and confusing it can get to choose the right variety for your first growth. We know because we’ve been there and we can confirm that it's best to start with an easy-to-grow cannabis strain.

There are a lot of variants to consider when cultivating cannabis and you will develop a lot of skills with your first harvests experiences. You will become familiar with watering, lighting, nutrients, environment and all other essential aspects of cannabis cultivation. Without mastering all these critical elements, a beginner can easily make mistakes that will affect the quality and quantity of his yield or even the survival of his plants. To help you make the right choice, here are our top 5 easiest cannabis strains for your first indoor crop. 

 1: Skunk Kush


skunk-kush-cannabis-strains-seedsThe original Skunk is a classic when it comes to cannabis variety. This mix of Afghan, Colombian and Mexican strains has set standards and its genes are influencing most cannabis seeds today. Breeders and seed banks around the world have improved the original Skunk, where they have worked to improve its qualities such as flavor, productivity, and growth characteristics. These breeding efforts resulted in many varieties of the original Skunk.                         

What distinguishes Skunk from other varieties and makes it particularly attractive to growers is that it requires minimal maintenance. With its good yields and large buds, it is particularly suitable for indoor growers. Another quality that makes the strain suitable for beginners is that Skunk does not stretch too much during the flowering phase. You'll be able to keep its size under control no matter how small your growing space is during its relatively short flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks.

Skunk has a pleasantly sweet and fruity taste that makes it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. It will give a powerful and instant buzz associated with a relaxing physical high. Skunk is an easy-to-grow classic that will satisfy beginners, amateurs, and medical users!

2: White Widow


white-widow-cannabis-seeds-strainsWhite Widow is another truly legendary cannabis strain that has become incredibly popular and quite famous. Although its origins are unclear and surrounded by cannabis-related traditions, we know that the original White Widow comes from the Netherlands, where it has become a classic. Its original strain is a Brazilian Sativa crossed with an Indica hybrid from South India. The success of the White Widow after its introduction in the 1990s has led to many varieties of the strain. There is currently no reputable seed bank that does not offer at least a variety of White Widow.

What makes White Widow particularly suitable for novice growers is its strength and vigor to grow, even in sub-optimal conditions. It will thrive even in colder climates like North America’s winter. Grown indoors, it can easily produce between 450 and 500 grams per square meter (40 to 46 grams per square foot).

It doesn’t require much attention during its growth, which means you can expect good harvests with minimum maintenance. This makes it an excellent variety for less experienced growers who want to get good results.

Its taste is pure and fresh and is reminiscent of a pine forest accentuated by subtle citrus notes. The ease with which it grows, its incredible taste and its excellent quality make the White Widow a favorite variety since always!

3: Easy Bud


easy-bud-cannabis-strains-seedsThe name of the variety speak for itself: effortless to cultivate, making it an ideal cannabis strain for beginners in cannabis cultivation!

The Easy Bud, a cross between a dominant Indica and an auto-flowering Ruderalis, can grow almost anywhere while offering satisfying yields, good taste and a super high. Easy Bud is an auto-flowering cannabis strain. Easy Bud goes from seed to harvest in 8 to 9 weeks. The fact that Easy Bud remains compact and reaches an average height of only 50 to 60 cm can make it the ideal strain for areas of reduced growth or for those who wish to keep their growth as discreet as possible. Despite its ease to cultivate, Easy Bud continues to reward you with respectable crops.

So you can expect crops of up to 100g per plant under optimal conditions. She definitely doesn’t compromise on her taste. Its intense aroma combines notes of Skunk with a pleasantly sweet aroma. It will give a strong high of Indica, which will relax your whole body. Easy Bud is one of the best varieties for those who just want a smooth crop and it's an excellent choice for beginners

4: Diesel Kush


diesel-kush-cannabis-strains-seedsThe Diesel is originally a blend of 40% Mexican Sativa and 60% Afghan Indica. This variety was chosen for its essence of Diesel. It has a sweet citrus flavor with an exceptional aroma.

Citrus and fuel notes provide a smooth and relaxing high. This compact and easy-to-grow strain produce dense, dark green flowers in just 7 flowering weeks. This strain also provides an above the average yields with an average THC content of 14%; hard to believe coming from a beginners variety. It is an excellent choice for indoor cultivation, but because of its genetics, it can grow densely. Make sure you have room in your growing area if you grow this plant at home. You will probably need to prune your plants as they grow.

5: Northern Light


northern-light-cannabis-seeds-strainsThis Indica variety is a popular choice among novice growers and is a legend of the cannabis world. It is a medium-sized plant that grows up to 1.6m indoor and can be harvested after only 8 weeks of flowering. Renowned for it’s sturdy and lasting buzz. She is a recipient of many awards and loved by beginners, veterans and connoisseurs alike.



You also need to consider...

Note that it's essential to buy feminized or auto-flowering seeds, otherwise your crop may never see the light.

We hope this article helped to guide through your choice of cannabis strain for your first growth. We know how the first couple experiences can seem intimidating due to all the different pieces of information online that end up losing us instead of guiding us. Be aware that indoor cannabis cultivation is accessible for everyone and that there’s no reason for anyone not to achieve their goals. Once your project launched, you will discover the pleasures of taking care of cannabis plants, knowing that you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labor with pride.

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