When are marijuana buds ready to harvest and how to do it

How do you know if your cannabis plant is mature and ready for harvest? This is a question that all growers will ask at the end of the flowering process of indoor cannabis cultivation. It’s crucial to keep in mind that harvesting at the right time is just as important as the way you grow the plant. Do you really know how to harvest your cannabis properly? Here are the steps to determine the best marijuana harvest time and reap your efforts.

When to harvest your cannabis

First, you must examine the heads of your cannabis plants. As your buds grow, tiny crystals will appear around the flowers transforming from clear to cloudy, which means they’re ready. One of the first signs of cannabis maturation is the browning of pistils, that change color. As the flowers grow, their pistils will also change from white to a reddish brown. When more than half of the pistils turn brown, around 70% of them, your cannabis plant heads tell you they are ready to harvest.

The cannabis manicure

Cannabis manicure is a fairly simple step. We must trim the excess of greenery as well as remove the larger fan leaves that cover the heads of the cannabis. Small leaves that are all covered with resin near the heads should be left intact, as they help protect the trichomes. It is best to do the manicure of cannabis heads when the plant has just been cut. Some growers prefer to trim their cannabis plants when they’re still alive, a few days before harvesting. However, when you grow indoor marijuana, it is easier to do it directly when you harvest.

Cannabis drying

After harvesting, you need to dry your buds in a cool and dark space. The custom made area for drying is your indoor growing tent. The space used for the drying process must be dark, have a moisture content of about 50% and a stable temperature between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. The combination of these factors will ensure that your crop will be of better quality. We recommend drying the cannabis slowly as it helps to preserve the weight, smell and flavour of your cannabis. Normally, this period takes between one to two weeks. With a hanger and a rope, you can suspend upside-down cannabis heads, branches and heads in your indoor tent. There are also modern dryers allowing you to dry your cannabis heads. The duration of the drying will depend on the space where you will dry your cannabis heads. To know if your cannabis is ready, test your buds to see if the stems snap and break, instead of bend. This means they’re ready.

The refining of cannabis heads

To begin this step, all you need is a few Mason jars to obtain the best drying conditions. Place your buds in the Mason jars and close them. Make sure to open the jars daily for a few minutes to let the air circulate and to remove moisture. The drying process takes two to three weeks. Make sure to keep your jars in a dark place. Once the buds are dry, your cannabis is ready! Your cannabis will remain potent longer, with better stability and shelf life if you keep it in an airtight container, in a dry and dark place.


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