Indoor Growing Tips for Watering Your Cannabis Plants

Cannabis indoor cultivation is no exception to other indoor plants, and watering your cannabis plants is as essential as the importance given to pH for plant survival. Many growers are wondering whether it is the best way to water when growing indoor cannabis plants in pots. Cannabis is a plant that has an important need of water, but doesn’t like excess of it. It can be difficult to water your marijuana plants when you are at your first steps in the indoor culture of cannabis. Here are our best tips to guide you on your journey.

Have the right flow of water

Cannabis is a plant that must have a large amount of watering. To water your cannabis plants optimally, you must wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again. Weigh your plants by lifting the pot with your arms, when the cannabis plant is very light, it should be watered. It is therefore forbidden to do a light watering continuously. Depending on the size of your pots, and using this way of watering, you will have to water your plants every 3 to 6 days.

Have the right amount of water while watering your cannabis plants

Knowing how much water is needed to water cannabis plants is also very important. To calculate the exact volume of water given per plant when watering, you must multiply the pot volume by 1/4. So a pot that contains 1L of potting soil will need to receive 0.25L of water to your cannabis plant. In the case of Piverto 3-gallon bags, 0.75 gallon (2.85L) of water per plant is required when watering. To give that volume of water, it is essential to water between two and three times, slowly and evenly over the entire surface. Saucers placed under the culture bags help to keep the plants moist and to collect excess drainage water. Do not worry, the water in the saucers will go back into the pot in less than a day. It is essential to use good potting soil and appropriate nutrients for each stage (growth and flowering) with a great capacity of water retention, but that will also ensure the  drainage needed.

The pH of water for watering cannabis plants

The indoor culture of cannabis has certain peculiarities that must be respected to optimize the harvests. Watering cannabis plants with good water is necessary because cannabis doesn’t like limescale, chlorine and other elements that can be found in tap water. It’s, therefore, better to use distilled water or bottled of water. The pH of the water use for watering should always be between 6 and 7 because a too acidic or basic environment can lead to the nutritional blockage of cannabis.

Watering optimization for a better harvest

In the last weeks leading up to the harvest, cannabis plants will consume less and less water. Gradually reducing the amount of water given during each watering is recommended. A soil that takes time to dry will increase the risk of creating mold in the buds. In addition, slight water stress at the end of flowering will increase resin production.

Knowing how to water your cannabis plants is an indispensable tool for successful indoor cultivation of cannabis. The right flow, the right quantity, and a favorable water pH are the key to watering for optimal results.

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