5 particularities of a good cannabis strain for beginner growers

Each variety of cannabis has its specific characteristics and needs. It is therefore essential to start with a less capricious variety having lower nutritional requirements, requiring less attention and having higher resistance to diseases. Don’t worry: using easy strains doesn’t mean you won’t get professional results.

«Easy strains don’t mean you won’t get professional results» 

When I started growing marijuana and came the time to decide which variety to choose for my crop, I was always stunned by all the different variables possible (Indica, Sativa, Feminized, Auto-flowering, Medicinal...). To help you decide a strain for you to succeed and learn on your first experiences, here are 5 particularities you might want to consider to end up on the right cannabis strain for a beginner:

Indulgence of the strain

indulgence-cannabis-pivertoThe plant will not be affected by the beginner mistakes and will grow without an increased level of attention. It is, therefore, a fundamental characteristic in the selection of a good variety of cannabis when you are in your first steps.

Flowering time

time-cannabis-pivertoEven though it’s the quality of your harvest, not the time of production that should matter, I remember my first crops very well and I was eager to see results. Using cannabis strains with a shorter flowering time, you'll start your next indoor crop faster and gain more experience for each cycle as you produce more often.

Resistance to diseases

strong-cannabis-pivertoDisease resistance depends on the variety of cannabis and will limit the risk of your plants getting sick from indoor cultivation. The more resistant the cannabis strain is, the more time it will save you from having to identify the healing method to react and prevent the loss of your plants.

Yield production of the cannabis strain

yield-cannabis-pivertoIn our article about the 5 ideal cannabis strains to begin in interior Cannabis cultivation, I selected varieties that produce the most significant yield for your harvest. This will allow you to get more buds and therefore, more time for you to accept the challenge of a little more complex variety for your next crop.

Popularity and price

popularity-cannabis-pivertoSome strains are super popular, and there’s a reason why! In the same article I mentioned earlier, I selected varieties that are among the most popular for North American consumers. The good thing is, they’re all affordable and this is what you want when you start, so you don’t throw all your money away in case it turns out bad.

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